A little about me:

My name is Lauren McFerrin and I am currently a student at the University of Memphis studying Graphic Design, Web Design, and Art History. I'm seeking a creative career in design (graphics, website building, interior, branding, photography, videography), art direction, and fiber art after my May 2020 graduation, and I'm so dang ready!

Fun facts:

  • Strong Enneagram 4 (with a 3 wing)
  • Born and raised in Memphis, TN
  • Started a music venue by accident
  • Went on a 10-day road trip out west for only $83 once
  • BIG blueberry muffin lover
  • Loves making what she call "Instagram Slides" or "Slide Doodles"
  • Major passion for media art direction and branding
  • Also major sad girl/art person?

This is what I have learned: "Learn to write all parts of the story.  Every great piece of art holds tension. And we love tension (especially is dramatic types) because we all have had those seasons (darkness, sadness, shame, abandonment, etc). That’s the draw. It’s powerful.  But tension forever isn’t what the soul craves. Release is what the soul craves. A carefully designed piece or pieces of art should take you on the whole journey. And that’s the hardest part.  Connecting the dots.  True art isn’t so much coming up with great content, it’s listening to God and ourselves and the story, then simply retelling it. So if you’re not past the darkness, it’ll be hard to write about the light. But writing about the light in spite of the darkness or in connection with the darkness is powerful.  You can’t have a testimony without a test." 



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