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Hey guys! This is Lauren McFerrin (designer/art person/fellow photo friend), and along with Ally Perkins (because she is so dang good at organizing and bringing people together - she inspires us all), we’re going to publish a book! AND THIS BOOK IS ABOUT YOU! ABOUT US! It is about the story of Memphis over the past decade, or even more specifically, the last five-six years.

Let's do this thing.

Here's a quick overview to get started.

What story are we trying to tell?

-       The story of the urban explorers, the artists, the kids, who formed an eclectic collective community. The story of how we ran this town, of how we saw the beauty in the broken, in the sleepless nights, and most importantly, in the relationships that were formed.

What do we need from you?

-       Firstly, if you’re getting this, that means you were here for the time that we’re describing in Memphis history and that you are a big part of this story! How exciting. We are focusing on the years between 2014-2020, but also just over the last decade!

-       We would love whatever you would like to give us! Here’s the big three we’re looking for: your archived photos along with your favorite photographs you have taken (and other art), a piece of writing (can be however long - a story, a poem, a sentence, an inside joke, as long as it’s publishable!), and a piece of your own handwriting (whether that is writing out your quote or sentence or a paragraph of your writing.)

More details/main over view of the book:

·      Each page spread will feature someone’s work

·      It will be a photo/design book, a “nice coffee table book” if ya feel

·      In order to tell this story, we would love a snippet of writing from you. This writing could range from a funny or meaningful two sentence quote to an award-winning short story. It could be song lyrics that you used to sing when exploring/photographing, it could be a hilarious story of a mis-hap. It could be a poem about the adrenaline, the late nights, the sunrises, the all black outfits.

·      As with the meaning of the word “archives,” we would like this to be almost a behind-the-scenes, never-posted-about body of work. While we still would love to receive your best work, we would also love to see blurry pictures of someone running from a scene, all of our cameras sitting on a diner’s table, pictures from a road trip that you took with some of us, roaming the streets at night. Send us photos 5-10 from one day/night, even. The more the merrier!

·      And let me just say one word: JOURNALS. We would love to scan in journal entries (hello madeline!!! We might just publish your whole journal. jk), lists, north main parking tickets, whatever you have collected from our many adventures.

This is about YOU. This is about OUR STORY. I AM SO FRICKIN PUMPED ABOUT THIS. Everyone who is featured in the book will of course get full credit and recognition.

Also this project has a very strict due date: we would love to have all the files before March 1st. The sooner the better, please! It will be published in early May.

We recommend you send the pictures and writings through (but also do whatever works best for you) to BY MARCH 1ST.

Got any questions?

Let me know below!

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